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Horse Operas

Source ITN : First of the new TV Operas written by B. Baldwin, Dave Stewart and David Byrne. A Leicester postman is obsessed by cowboys.

The recording

Fefruary 13, 1994

UK Channel:



Rock of the North

Source ITN : The second programme in a four-part series based around concert performances by some of the top rock stars from the region, this one is about DAVE STEWART.This portrait of David A. Stewart (formerly of Eurythmics fame) was filmed in his hometown of Sunderland, at his London studio and on location in New York City. It exposes the North Eastern artist's deepest thoughts on music, art and life as he prepared to launch his first solo album ' Greetings from the Gutter'.The programme includes debt performances of several tracks from the album including ones recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York.Dave is accompanied by an impressive line-up of American talent including Bootsie Collins on base; Bernie Worrell on keyboards; Jerome 'Big Foot' Brailey on drums and saxophone genius David Sandbourne.The recording session is interwoven with comments from Dave whilst he films the promotional video for the single 'Heart of Stone' with KEVIN GODLEY. Dave embraces his passion for avent garde photography and filmmaking. He creates a highly intuitive blend of musical and visual art, revealing the mind behind the music.At Sunderland University, Dave gives a 'Masterclass' lecture to students and aspiring local musicians, working with them to create an innovative, spontaneous piece of music. He also encourages debate and philosophises on the technicalities of creating mood and soul.This is a humorous and revealing insight into one of the North's most major musical talents. Not to be missed!Songs incl. :Oh No Not You Again, Heart Of Stone, All I Need, Jealousy, Chelsea Lovers.

The recording

October 28 , 1994

UK Channel: ITV Granada